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A Trap for the Unwary – IRS Denies Deductions for Expenses Paid with Forgiven PPP Loans

COVID-19 Alert

Protecting Pets During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Opportunity Zone

IRS Provides More Flexibility for Qualified Opportunity Funds in the Wake of COVID Crisis

Bowditch Legal Podcasts: Overlooked Estate Planning Tools

Home Office Deductions During Coronavirus

Bowditch Legal Podcasts: Business Planning and Investment Changes Due to COVID-19

Succession Planning is Key to Business Continuity

estate and tax planning

Trust Funding: the Overlooked Estate Planning Tool

COVID-19 Alert

Virtual Notarization and Witnessing of Your Documents During COVID-19 Emergency

Terry Briggs quoted in Forbes’ “Laid Off And Need Cash? Want A Boat? A Couple Can Take $400,000 From Their Retirement Accounts Penalty-Free Under COVID-19 Tax Relief”

Rebecca MacGregor writes “As I See It: Remote notarization would solve dilemma of signing a will during coronavirus crisis” for the Worcester Telegram

COVID-19 Alert

Financial and Healthcare Decision-Making During a Crisis

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