Proposed Massachusetts Tax Regulations for Online Vendors Effective October 1, 2017

Tax word cloud

Desperate for Offsetting Tax Revenue, Trump looks to Tax your 401(k) and Remove your deduction for Mortgage Interest

Edith Windsor: Saying Farewell to a Brave Woman

Storm warning sign over stormy sky

Rebuilding After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: Recovery Through Tax Deductions

tax analysis

IRS and States Crack Down on POS Systems: Zapper Software


Charitable Giving Strategies

couple drawing up a will

Estate Planning Still Critical in Uncertain Times

DOL Fiduciary Rule: Love It or Hate It, It’s Here

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Ruled Irrevocable Income-Only Trusts a Viable Tool in Long-term Care Planning

Families Can Use a Tax-Advantaged ABLE Account to Save for Disability Expenses

New Reporting Regime: Estates Who Have to File Federal Estate Tax Returns Need to be Aware of New Basis Consistency Law

The Massachusetts CARE Act: A Bright Future for Cooperation Between Healthcare and Family Caregivers

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