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Opportunity Zone

IRS Provides More Flexibility for Qualified Opportunity Funds in the Wake of COVID Crisis


Qualified Opportunity Funds: How Do They Work?

IRS Guidance Issued for Rental Real Estate and the QBI Deduction

Airbnb Tax Comes to Massachusetts

Real Reporter publishes “Op Funds Expand Deferral Paths for CRE Investors”

Worcester Telegram quotes Matthew Morris in “‘Opportunity zones’ may boost investment in Worcester neighborhoods”

Opportunity Zone

Matthew Morris to Participate in Worcester Chamber’s Business & Government Forum on Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zone

Governor Baker Submits List of 138 Opportunity Zones to U.S. Treasury

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly quotes Jon Barooshian in “Carriage of Justice”

Estate Tax Repeal Could Reshape Clients’ Plans

Top Ten+ Overlooked Income Tax Deductions

Unmarried Couples: Think About A Cohabitation Agreement

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