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Reinvigorating the Estate Tax System: Proposals from the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

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The SECURE ACT Eliminates “Stretch” Distributions for Certain Beneficiaries and Impacts Estate Planning

SECURE ACT: Foreseeable Change in ‘Stretch IRA’ Distribution Rules

Will Your Trust Assets Be Protected If Your Child Gets Divorced?

John Shoro Quoted in Forbes’ “IRS Announces Higher Estate and Gift Tax Limits For 2020”

Heading South for the Winter? Tips for Establishing Domicile in Florida

Planning for Your Digital Estate

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Estate Planning Seminar Series with Kristin Shirahama

Estate Planning and Tax Considerations for Nonresident Aliens

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly publishes “Inequities, unintended consequences of spousal elective share”

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Estate Planning: The Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

Financial Advisor Magazine publishes “Discussing The Issue Of Aging Parents”

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