Reinvigorating the Estate Tax System: Proposals from the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

savings, funds, money

The SECURE ACT Eliminates “Stretch” Distributions for Certain Beneficiaries and Impacts Estate Planning

estate and tax planning

Using an IDGT in Succession Planning in Closely-Held Businesses

$57 Million in Tax Refunds for Same-Sex Couples

Estate Planning and Tax Considerations for Nonresident Aliens

Business owner, bonus depreciation, taxes

Estate Planning: The Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

estate and tax planning

Estate Planning for a Non-U.S. Citizen Spouse

Blended family, second marriage, estate planning

The Second Time Around: Estate Planning for Blended Families

savings, funds, money

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Effect on ABLE Accounts and 529 Funds

Massachusetts Highest Court Rules in Favor of Personal Representatives’ Access to Decedent’s Yahoo Email Account Under Federal Law

Families Can Use a Tax-Advantaged ABLE Account to Save for Disability Expenses

New Reporting Regime: Estates Who Have to File Federal Estate Tax Returns Need to be Aware of New Basis Consistency Law

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